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Posted on: August 1, 2008 7:40 pm

20 Million Reasons for Brett to go away

     I really don't know what seems more ridiculous to me, the fact that the Packers are trying to pay Brett Favre $20,000,000 to stay at home or the fact that Brett Favre is thinking about it.  

    Maybe I've been the one that has had the wool pulled over my eyes but when I heard the announcement that Favre had been offered a pile of money to NOT play football, I thought no way would he accept that.

   You see, I've defended Favre in a way.  He was my childhood hero and even as a more pragmatic adult watching him play football has been enough to make me smile.   Some of his antics have allowed me to keep a shred of childish naivite in my older, suspicious, world weary mind.  I've said "Hey, the guy just wants to play football.  Can't fault him for that."  through all of this.   Now I see a guy that just wants to make football....or maybe just wants to make loads of cash.  I know that $20 Million is a lot of money.  I know it wouldn't take half that for me to never show up at work again.  I know everyone has their price....

    But Brett Favre is supposed to be the type of guy above that.  He is supposed to be the guy that would do anything to get on a football field anywhere. Brett Favre is the guy who even at age 37 played with "Youthful Exuberance" or whatever the media always called it.  Brett Favre isn't the guy who takes a payoff (To add to his already certainly large pile of money) to NOT play the game. 

   Brett, if the possibilty of polarizing your old teammates and creating quite a stir didn't make you want to stay at home, if the prospect of playing for *Gasp* THE ENEMY Minnesota Vikings didn't make you want to stay home, this horribly convuluted $20 Million offer better not make you want to stay home. 
   I could accept almost any resolution to the Brett Favre Crisis.  I could accept him deciding again that he doesn't have the will to play, I could accept him forcing himself back into his old position, I could accept him holding a clipboard. I could accept him as a Jet, and I could even accept him on the Bears or Vikings.   This "Payout" is something I cannot accept.  It's a cowardly gesture by the Packers front office and it would be a cowardly offer to accept.

   If this monetary offer does do the trick, everyone on the Packers franchise will breathe a sigh of relief.  Green Bay will be able to "Move On" officially.  Maybe they'll even retire Brett's number on that opening Monday Night Game........and I'll boo Brett Favre every appearance that he makes be it his number retirement, his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, any broadcasts he ends up doing...anything.  I will boo loud, long, and hard.  You made me actually believe that you were driven by things that are beyond that of ordinary men.  You made me believe your motives were as innocent as just wanting to play a game.  You made me believe that the money wasn't part of this.  You made me believe that you had some pure motives the likes that I have not even dreamed existed since I was a kid.

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