Posted on: August 1, 2008 7:40 pm

20 Million Reasons for Brett to go away

     I really don't know what seems more ridiculous to me, the fact that the Packers are trying to pay Brett Favre $20,000,000 to stay at home or the fact that Brett Favre is thinking about it.  

    Maybe I've been the one that has had the wool pulled over my eyes but when I heard the announcement that Favre had been offered a pile of money to NOT play football, I thought no way would he accept that.

   You see, I've defended Favre in a way.  He was my childhood hero and even as a more pragmatic adult watching him play football has been enough to make me smile.   Some of his antics have allowed me to keep a shred of childish naivite in my older, suspicious, world weary mind.  I've said "Hey, the guy just wants to play football.  Can't fault him for that."  through all of this.   Now I see a guy that just wants to make football....or maybe just wants to make loads of cash.  I know that $20 Million is a lot of money.  I know it wouldn't take half that for me to never show up at work again.  I know everyone has their price....

    But Brett Favre is supposed to be the type of guy above that.  He is supposed to be the guy that would do anything to get on a football field anywhere. Brett Favre is the guy who even at age 37 played with "Youthful Exuberance" or whatever the media always called it.  Brett Favre isn't the guy who takes a payoff (To add to his already certainly large pile of money) to NOT play the game. 

   Brett, if the possibilty of polarizing your old teammates and creating quite a stir didn't make you want to stay at home, if the prospect of playing for *Gasp* THE ENEMY Minnesota Vikings didn't make you want to stay home, this horribly convuluted $20 Million offer better not make you want to stay home. 
   I could accept almost any resolution to the Brett Favre Crisis.  I could accept him deciding again that he doesn't have the will to play, I could accept him forcing himself back into his old position, I could accept him holding a clipboard. I could accept him as a Jet, and I could even accept him on the Bears or Vikings.   This "Payout" is something I cannot accept.  It's a cowardly gesture by the Packers front office and it would be a cowardly offer to accept.

   If this monetary offer does do the trick, everyone on the Packers franchise will breathe a sigh of relief.  Green Bay will be able to "Move On" officially.  Maybe they'll even retire Brett's number on that opening Monday Night Game........and I'll boo Brett Favre every appearance that he makes be it his number retirement, his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, any broadcasts he ends up doing...anything.  I will boo loud, long, and hard.  You made me actually believe that you were driven by things that are beyond that of ordinary men.  You made me believe your motives were as innocent as just wanting to play a game.  You made me believe that the money wasn't part of this.  You made me believe that you had some pure motives the likes that I have not even dreamed existed since I was a kid.

Posted on: July 14, 2008 11:51 pm

Brett Favre wrong, but what about the Packers?

Let me just say that I am absolutely a Packers fan first, but Brett Favre has always been my favorite player.  I'm really not angry about this situation at all.  Whatever happens, happens.

Brett Favre has been taking a lot of flak lately.  I see his name being dragged all over the mud on these forums and elsewhere....but let's consider something for a second.  Let go of your thoughts of Favre being a drama queen and what not and let's talk about the thing that is actually important...winning football games.

I have to wonder...what are the Packers doing?  They have a few options here....invite Favre back onto the team, try and trade Favre, or release Favre.

Right now, with Favre retired, the only thing going on for them is taking somewhere around $2 Million in dead money as a cap hit.  Brett Favre sitting at home retiring is not actually helping the Packers whatsoever.   The thing is, Favre apparently does not want to stay at home.  He wants to play football....if not in Green Bay then somewhere.

Brett Favre being reinstated as a backup is not a legitimate possibility.  The cap hit would increase to about $12 Million.  You don't pay someone $12 Mil to carry a clipboard.....and to be honest Favre just has to say the word "I'm Back" and the Packers HAVE to make the decision.

Now is where things get interesting.  Let's look at the state of the Packers team right now.  They are a contender.  No doubt.  They have a lot of talented players.  You will hear about how young of a team they are and assume they are all set to go with a young QB to be great for awhile. 

The reality of the situation is that while they are a young team....five HUGE members of the team.....Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Donald Driver, Chad Clifton, and Mark Tauscher will have an average age over 32 when the season starts.   Al Harris hits 34 by playoff time.  Two years from now, these players are not going to be at the high level they are now.   Oh yeah, and with the exceptions of Aaron Kampmann, Nick Barnett, and POSSIBLY Ryan Grant they are the five best players on the roster.

This means the Window of opportunity is not that wide as the "Average Age" suggests that it is.   By Window of Opportunity I mean going to another Super Bowl.  After all, the franchise doesn't owe the fans Brett Favre, they don't owe them Aaron Rodgers, they don't owe them some vague statement about moving forward...they owe them making the most of a roster filled with solid players.

So who gives you the chance to win when they have to...which would be now?  Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?

Let's say you choose Aaron Rodgers as your answer.  That means you really don't have much faith in Brett Favre's ability to take a team to the next level.  Why then, are they unwilling to let Brett Favre go?  Why then aren't they looking to shop Favre around and steal a first or second round pick in exchange for an ancient QB that can't take a team to the big dance?   I hope it's not because they are "Trying to protect Favre's Legacy in Green Bay" because if Favre is not going to be a Packer....that isn't what they owe the fans.  In reality it is because they have no guts.  They don't want to say they believe so much in Aaron Rodgers and take the chance of him failing next season while Favre runs rampant for a different city.

So, Packers front office, I implore you to do SOMETHING.  If you don't feel Favre can take this team all the way, part ways with him.  Free up some cap room.  Grab a Veteran backup player for another position that is still on the market.  Get some Value for him in a trade.  Do something to give the fans what you owe them....some way to make the team better out of this.  Do it soon so this distraction doesn't drag out into August which would also hurt the team.    Don't play games because Brett Favre upset you by playing the retire/do not retire card, games such as these by management should be beneath professionals.   If you think Favre is acting like a child, act like men, stand by your decision, and make a move.  The public turned on Favre but the crowds are fickle.  Tread Carefully Ted Thompson, Mark Murphy, and Mike Mccarthy....lest the crowds turn on you.

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