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Posted on: August 25, 2008 7:28 pm

Sports Web Sites - Failing to use Web Effectively

  The Internet has changed the Media as we know it tremendously.  Somewhere in the late 1990's, the Internet just exploded with popularity.  Households began to find computers and high speed connections affordable.   The ease of finding sports box scores made Fantasy Sports more viable.   In my earlier Fantasy Football days, I had "Primetime" to get a peek of how my players did, and the Monday Morning paper.  Now, you can check scores, injuries, waiver wires, trade poposals, opinions...whatever you want...24/7 and usually in real time.

   Fantasy Sports have prospered but what about other aspects of sports?  With multimedia hitting the web, analysts blogging all day long, and the general ability to put just about anything you want on a web page, are the major sports media sites giving us the right content?

  My personal feeling is that they have really bungled things.  The news aspect of the web sites is a good thing.  We get injury updates, player moves, and player performances.  That is about where it stops.

   Analysis is completely dead.  It seems that every "Analysis/Opinion" article is meant to make everyone feel good about the players.  "He looked terrible but he should bounce back."  "He's a thug but he learned his lesson in humility and is a changed person."  "Players that got into a fight have sat down over a cup of Cafe' Mocha and now are friends again."  "Team that went 2-14 last season thinks they are ready to make the big step."  What kind of analysis is this?  I can't stand the way the major sports sites fail to analyze anything.  Don't tell me that Matt Ryan is a happy man, his team mates are behind him, and he intends to continue to work hard.  Tell me what he has done well at so far (Is he going downfield, is he going through his progressions, is he evasive in the pocket, is he utlizing his tight ends, is he developing a rapport with a specific wideout?)  and what he needs to improve at (Does he overthrow a lot of passes?  Does he miss a lot of reads?  Does he understand the check down?).   Tell me straight up how bad Alex Smith is that he lost his job to J.T. O'Sullivan.  Don't give me a bunch of garbage about how Alex Smith is smiling and embracing his new role.  Don't give me the "Well, O'Sullivan played with Mike Martz before."  Don't tell me it's because he "Understands the offense."  Tell me what parts of the offense he understands.  What parts Alex Smith doesn't understand.

   I know football is supposed to be entertaining, but I love to learn about the game.  I think it's more interesting when you understand the Cover 2, the Spread Formation, The Zone blocking scheme, the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3, what the west coast offense really is.  By understanding more about the game than just the basic rules, your ability to enjoy and appreciate what goes on will increase. 

   I RARELY, if ever, see actual articles describing game plans or offensive/defensive packages that certain teams utilize.  Video's showing me Nick Barnett's car?  Sure.   Descriptions of the Colts new home?  Sure.  Reports that Lane Kiffen is confident with his team (because coaches usually come out and talk about how bad certain players of theirs suck.)?  Of course!   Video's of Brett Favre running laps for messing up in practice.  Oh yeah.  That's a big deal.

   How about actually showing us the difference between previous 49ers offensive systems and what Mike Martz is likely to implement?  How about showing us how the Giants defensive schemes that took apart the Cowboys, Packers, and Patriots high powered offenses in the playoffs last year?  How about actual content?

   Luckily, message boards allow me to get a little more insight . When I want to get a chuckle from fluff NFL articles, I go to the professionals.  When I want to get actual opinions on how a player has looked, I check out what some of the posters on this board whom I respect have to say.  Maybe they aren't professionals, but they'll at least give me their real feelings on the matter instead of some uninsightful, uninspired nonsense.

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