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Posted on: September 10, 2008 11:48 pm

Week 1 Fantasy Panic - Reasons to stay calm

    If Tom Brady was your first round pick, and you picked in the upper half of the draft, you may panic.  I have some comforting thoughts for the rest of us.

Going into week one you probably loved your team.  You had dreams of Clinton Portis/Ryan Grant going perfectly with Peyton Manning as your top three.  Somehow, the fools in your league let Braylon Edwards and T.J. Housmanzedah fall your way, too.  When Tony Gonzales fell into your lap, you thought it was championship time.

   Week 1 came and you got thrashed by the guy starting Philip Rivers (His first pick), Michael Turner, Matt Forte, Hines Ward, Anthony Fasano, and Deverey Henderson.  You know?  That guy you made fun of all draft long?
     Don’t scramble, selling the house to get Michael Turner or another hot starter.  The first week of the NFL/Fantasy Season is just that….the first week.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  While seeing your loaded team put up the lowest score in the league to open the season, it’s easy to lose sight of this.   Here are some examples of 2007 Week 1 performances that were not indicative of the rest of the season.


The Good

1.     Josh Mccown.  30/40 for 313 yards.  2 TDs/2 INT’s:
While Mccown did throw 3 TD’s later in the year, he never eclipsed 200 yards and finished with 1151 yards, 10 TDs/11 INT’s
2.     Jon Kitna.  27/36 for 289 yards, 3 TDs/2 INT’s:
Boy did you miss the ball on this!  The Mike Martz styled Lions offense was going to give Kitna big numbers.  He started the season with 8 TD’s in four games with only 4 INT’s.  Of course he ended up with oodles of yards (4000+) but threw only 10 more TD’s in the next 12 games during which he tossed 16 INT’s. 

The Bad

1.     Drew Brees.  28/41 for 192 Yards.  0 TD’s/2 INT’s:
A top four QB selection in most drafts, Brees’ Thursday night opener hurt.  In fact, watching him throw 1 TD compared to 9 INT’s with a high yardage total of 260 had owners jumping ship.  The patient held on as he tossed 27 TD’s to 9 INT’s and ended with over 4400 yards.

Running Backs:

   The Good

1.     Travis Henry.  23/139 plus 3 catches for 44 yards.
Travis Henry owners thought they were getting  a surefire 1500+ yard rusher when he started with 443 yards, another 52 yards receiving, and a TD in his first four games.  263 yards, 2 receptions, and 3 more touchdowns was all he managed the balance of the season.
2.     Lamont Jordan.  15/70.  9 Catches for 89 yards.  1 TD.
LaMont Jordan was finally going to live up to the hype.  His 471 total yards and 2 TD’s in three games was looking just awesome.  14 Week later he had increased his season totals by 325 Total yards and 1 TD
3.     Chris Brown.  19/175
Chris Brown had the starting job for the Titans.  He was going to get the ball.  A lot.  He was going to gobble up yardage all season.  You were SET.  That is, until he mustered 287 Yards (But did have five TD’s) the rest of the way.

The Bad

1.     Ladainian Tomlinson.  17/25 with 1 TD.  7 Catches for 51 yards. Passing TD.
Ok, so that is still a decent number of points, but watching the number one overall pick struggle to gain 1.5 yards per carry scared some.  The Next two games he carried forty times for 105 yards and hauled in 7 passes for 48 yards.  2.3 YPC.  What next?  He cranked it up and finished with 1950 total yards, a 4.7 YPC average, and 18 TD’s. 
2.     Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor.  Combined  13 carries for 48 yards and 3 catches for 28 yards.
With another slow start this season, owners of this hard rushing duo are bumming out with their poor performance against the same team that contained them week 1 last season.  They went on to average 1200 Total Yards, 5.1 YPC, and 7 TD’s.

Wide Recievers

The Good:

1.    Antwaan Randle El.  5 Catches for 162 Yards.
Finally!  The Athletic guy’s breakout season!  All that speed, all that ability, what a great sleeper to be my number one guy.  Ok, he made it over 100 yards only once after this and his next best outings were 66, 60, 54, and 53 yards.  Oh yeah, he scored one TD all season.
2.     Ronald Curry.  10 Catches for 133 Yards and a TD.
Awesome!  I got Curry on the waiver wire!  I KNEW I should have drafted him.  Now I can look forward to another big game (4 catches for 120 Yards) and…6 catches for 73…and…3 for 62 and a touchdown and….yup.  Those were his only 50+ yard games.

The Bad:
1.     Braylon Edwards.  3 Catches for 49 Yards.
You couldn’t believe you got roped into his hype.  He’ll probably be better but no way was he going to put up something like, 80 catches for 1300 yards and score in all but 3 of the next 15 games for a total of 16 TD’s.  I wonder if I can get someone to trade him to me for that Randle El guy….
2.     Larry Fitzgerald.  3 Catches for 20 Yards.
Oh  Yipee.  My number 3 pick got me two fantasy points.   Of course, after week 1 he only had one game that he had either less than 80 yards or didn’t score.  He finished with 100 catches for 1409 yards and 10 TD’s. 
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